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Is it me or are more and more app developers not rewarding ppl for helping ... General Blackberry forum

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    What happened to rewards for beta testing????


    Is it me or are more and more app developers not rewarding ppl for helping with beta testing there product??? Its like you help them out with the beta test, give feedback and suggestions, and then they just email you to let you know that is was released and that you can purchase it along with everybody else. In my opinion, i think thats its only fair to reward a beta tester for there participation and for the using there personal device. Especially when alot of these apps are offered on other devices for free. WTF!!!!!!!!

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    Well that may be true but there also the ones who took the time to develop them. So its purely at the developers descretion.~via smartphone~

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    I agree that betas should be limited and those who are active with feedback should be rewarded in some way. ~via smartphone~

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    It's up the developer to decide whether or not to "reward" beta testers somehow. I would guess that it depends on the developer from a financial stand point as well. A large company that spends money and time on R&D, would have the money available to offer free product licenses to select beta testers depending on merit, where as a lone developer releases beta software more so to get the word out about his/her software which aides the process of rooting out possible bugs.
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