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I am going to get a new phone very soon for free, and BlackBerries interest ... General Blackberry forum

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    Smile What do you use your BlackBerry for?


    I am going to get a new phone very soon for free, and BlackBerries interest me... I just don't understand why I would get one... I rarely check my email right now, and I am not working yet (college). Also, from reading this forums it seems people are addicted to this thing.... So honestly: why should I get a BlackBerry and how do you use yours?


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    The only emails I get are forum notifications and occasionally from family. Basically I use it to surf the web and chat. I've met some wonderful people through my bb so to me its worth it. . ~via BB (

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    ~via BB ( who needs to work to get emails? I know when my ebay auctions are ending as an example. And I get my emails fast. Plus the web surfing anywhere, messaging, texts. And the directions or finding what I need when I'm out and about. Its great.
    Let's not forget snapping those pics that I can email out as soon as they are taken.

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    There are many advantages and uses for a BlackBerry. If you use Outlook like I do, then you can keep your Calendar, Contacts, Task List etc all on your BB. This is one excellent way to use it, as if you need to make a change you can make it on the BB when you are away from your computer then once you are in front of your computer you simply connect the BB via USB cable and sync with the computer. Now Outlook on the BB & Computer are the same. Conversely if you are working on your computer, any change you make in Outlook will be transferred to the BB by simply performing a sync operation before you shut down your computer.

    Any BB larger than a 8100 / Pearl has a full size keyboard, thus it's really easy to use for managing your calendar, adding tasks, etc.

    Another advantage of the BB is if you do a lot of texting the full size keyboard is really fast and handy.

    Then you get can receive your email on the BB which is very handy, because obviously wherever you are, you have the BlackBerry and get your messages right away. In turn you can respond to any email you wish as well as being able to compose your outgoing emails using the BB.

    Web functions are also very good as you have full web access to any site that is designed for a mobile browser which comes built into the BB. You may also download another browser like Opera, as well as many other 3rd party applications for a variety of uses.

    The BlackBerry also has a very good phone incorporated into it. If you buy a Curve model then you get a media player for music photos, etc. You also get a 2mp camera.

    Equipped with a trackball the Curve models are very easy to navigate with. If you get one from AT&T they have built in GPS or the same model from T-Mobile has WiFi instead of GPS.

    Currently AT&T offers a new Curve model 8310 for just $99.99 down from a retail of $349.99. If you would like to pay less you can buy a refurbished one for $49.99.

    So, there is a snapshot of what you can do with one.

    Hope that helps.


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    I don't go to college or have a job either but the blackberry just seems to work soo much better than any other phone I've looked into. One thing I would recommend is that you get a blackberry and try it out and see if you like it. If you don't, you can always return it within 30 days (15 days for some carriers/retailer) to get it exchanged for another phone. Just remember to try some 3rd party programs since it is somewhat similar to firefox in that if you don't know about and take advantage of 3rd party software or add-on, you won't relize how much you are missing out on.

    I have less of a need for phone than most peoples I know and yet i'm the most addicted out of them all simply because the BB works so well compared to other "software restricted" phone lol.

    ~via T-Mobile BB Pearl 8100 (

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    Well almost lol. I'm a college student so it comes in very handy.
    BlackBerry Rocks!<-Check it out!

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    I think the question is what dont i use my BB for. I have four email accounts on it. One professionally and 3 personally. I use it for text messages. My calendar. I use Blackberry messenger like crazy. I use AIM on it. Surf the web. GPS Navigation. And oh yea, I use it for a phone.

    Best phone I have ever had.
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    I think archer did a good job of summing up most of the advantages of the BB.

    Since you're in school, you can use it to keep track of projects, test dates and class times - there's also a new app out that turns the BB into a scientific graphing calculator.

    I didn't check my emails all that often either before getting my BB, but now I check them all the time since there were instances before where I missed certain deadlines for various things by not responding to or viewing my emails in a timely manner.

    I use my BB to listen to music, I don't play too many games, read the Bible, take pictures and video , IM. I use PocketDay to keep track of my calendar events, tasks, view the weather and stock updates and keep tabs on my RSS feeds.

    There's a lot you can do with it - it's a much more versatile medium than it used to be just a few years ago.

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    ~via BB ( I use it as a chick magnet...

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    I have used my BB for the following:

    E-Mail (when I had the data service)
    Browsing (when I had the data service)
    IM Chatting (when I had the data service)

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    i use my bb to take notes and keep track of assignments at school. it comes in very handy.

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    Ask Me!
    I use mine for lots of email and txt messaging. I know I type more than talk since I got into Blackberrys. And I started reading lots of new feeds lately, gives me something to do on my lunch break. And let's not forget web browsing. I can keep up with Pinstack on the go.

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    Mostly use it as a multi-media device. Also do a LOT of texting, thats where the full keyboard comes into play.

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    e-mail, calendar, phone (obviously ) and bbm like there is no tomorrow
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    Personally, I have swiss cheese for a memory. If I don't write it down, I WILL NOT remember it. With my BB I can always keep organized and on top of work and my families events. I use a "Today" theme. Having the ability to just look at the screen and see my next appointment listed on the home screen is worth it for me. I have owned many(too many, if you ask my wife!!)phones, and I will be staying with RIM products.

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