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    Question Weird issue with new devices & batteries


    Haven't been here in a few weeks. Yet more BB upgrades.

    Still phasing out the 7750 & 6750's for 7250's (7290's if they want to ditch Verizon). Only 17 to go! These are time consuming because 1) our users are digital packrats and never delete email and 2) The 7750 is the slowest device ever, bar none.

    Also have to update the firmware and install apps on all the user's devices. We're 'down' to about 830 active devices, about 2/3 of which need the updates.

    Now were upgrading about 30 users from 7230T's to 8700g's which isn't bad.

    Next month we start prepping for the Fall Arrivals. All 95 of 'em. :cry:

    Anyway, on to the issue at hand.

    Over the past couple of months, we've noticed on a lot of the new 7250's (Verizon) and 7290's(Cingular) where the battery that comes with the device will not power it up. You get a giant battery Icon on the screen.

    If you put in a battery from an older device or put the new battery in an older unit, it powers right up. Also, if you charge the new battery in another device the put it in the new one it works fine. It doesn't work if you try charging the battery in the device it came with.

    Also, some of these new devices don't seem to hold a charge very long until you replace the battery.

    Given the number of devices we have in use and in stock here, it's not a real problem, but more of annoyance.

    Ordinarily, we let devices charge 12 to 24 hours before the user gets it, BTW.

    Anybody seen issues like this before?

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    Re: Weird issue with new devices & batteries

    I recall a post about battery problems, but I think it was tied to the case being used. Haven't heard anything else.
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