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Ok so this morning I woke up to an odd thing that happened overnight. I ... General Blackberry forum

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    Water Damage? Dead Battery? Help


    Ok so this morning I woke up to an odd thing that happened overnight. I wake up and want to check my phone for the time, i have an alarm, and i was making sure i didnt miss it. Only to discover that the phone was dead. Immediately i just thought the battery died overnight because the wall outlet fell out or something. I check it, and its plugged in. I notice the phone is a little moist, and i use moist because it wasnt "wet". I look next to where the phone was which was a glass of water. I noticed the condensation and looked at the base, the area where the phone was wet from the water coming off the outside of the glass. I open the phone to see if its wet inside, and it seems to be pretty dry. I notice the red x's on the battery were apparrant meaning it has been wet. So great i get a tiny bit of water on this thing and it seems to be done for untill i come across something i notice. When i plug the phone into the wall or the computer, the red light goes on for about 3-4 seconds then shuts off. The light also comes on for a little when i slide the battery into the phone. When I take out the battery and plug the phone into my computer, a no battery image comes up on the screen giving me hope that if the screen works than it might be a battery problem.

    So ive taken the battery and sim out and let it sit for about 4 hours now and still no luck when trying to start it up. Do you think it is dead? should I let it sit out longer? or does it seem to just need a replacement battery? thanks

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    Generally if electronics get wet, you should remove any power sources and leave them to dry for 2-3 days - then maybe, if you were lucky enough to get the juice away before the water managed to short something out, your component will be ok.
    You really should have left it off (you're running the risk of making it worse by trying it every few minutes).

    Put it somewhere dry, cross your fingers and come back to it in a couple of days (in the meantime, try that battery in another device and see if it's ok).

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    just ask
    Another thing I have seen people do is also set it in the oven at the lowest setting and check it periodically from 15-30 minutes that would be another quick way to dry your phone out. This does not guarantee that the phone will work but if there is condensation inside the device this will help dry it quicker.

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    Try to put it in a bowl of uncooked rice. The rice will soke up the moister. I wouldnt try to put the battery in for atleast a day or 2

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