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Sorry if this is not the best place to ask the question...just help me know ... General Blackberry forum

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    Want wireless sync but no BES at work


    Sorry if this is not the best place to ask the question...just help me know where to go. I'm a brand new BB user and need some advice.
    I'm the only BB user at office. About 75 employees, they use MS Exchange Server. IT department not interested in getting BES for me only.

    I know there are plenty of hosted BES sites but can they wirelessly sync my work Outlook mail/calendar/tasks without compromising my work e-mail? That's what the IT guy says is the problem.

    Can someone tell where the thread/post is that would help me or explain to me (in simple terms) what my best options are?


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    Should still be able to synch it actually if you enter the correct settings.~via BB (

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    RSCStacker, dude- what a non-sequiter! I think if the guy posts a reasonable question, the response should have a little meat on the bone. "Should be able to" isn't helpful at all. Can't you at least point him to a website or thread?

    Please return to your normal programming.

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    is your IT department not willing to install more software on their servers, or are they unwilling to spend the money for a single user?

    if its about money RIM has a single user license now for free.

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