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    Wal-Mart stores and online


    I am a manager at a Wal-Mart store. I want to say that Wal-Mart stores are carring a larger updated phone selection at competitive pricing. I was just visiting a store and seen the red curve for AT&T and a pearl for T-mobile. A year ago the selection was horrible and seemed to be a joke but we as a company realized where the money is - Technology! I believe Wal-Mart has far to go when it comes to updating the product and staying current but it is making huge strides. As far as mobile service - Wal-Mart is an authorized retail center for T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. The selection of phones are good but if your favorite isn't in site you should check out Wal-Martdotcom for more products. Wal-Mart online carries items (including mobile phones) that stores do not carry. Depending on the item you have the option of home delivery with several delivery methods or even a possibility of site2store delivery which is totally free. With the cost of products it's always nice to have options and I thought maybe this might help someone.I was considering not posting this due to a large amount of people who take offense to Wal-Mart and it's growth but I took a chance hoping that the underlining message would be seen, options! There are options and Wal-Mart is just an example.

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    Unfortunately, Walmart's online sales are handled by an entirely different company than Walmart. I used to be a T-Mobile Rep that worked in Walmarts, and the online company they use is horrible. I sent an out of state friend to the site to get his phones for a family plan, and was quickly called because the site attempted to automatically add on about $75 a month of additional services. Be wary.......Plus, I do believe that the company they use utilizes secondary dealer penalties for early termination, i.e an extra two hundred for the dealer, plus the two hundred for TMO.........The TMO pearl was an overstock item from Sam's I think only a few were sent to each store.

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    Not to mention the fact that the wal-mart associates aren't exactly trained professionals... as compared to a corporate store.

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