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Hi all, we want to make some survey for the new project and we would ... General Blackberry forum

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    How do you usually use your e-mail accounts on BlackBerry and desktop


    Hi all,

    we want to make some survey for the new project and we would like to ask you about help us to get more info about usage e-mail accounts on BlackBerry and desktop.

    If you are not a corporate user and do not use a BES server account, you can use BIS account and several additional e-mail accounts are added to your BIS account. Do you use AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Google e-mail accounts?

    Let's imagine you're at home or at office, you work at PC and you can receive a new e-mail to your e-mail account (also to BlackBerry Messages application). Do you use some desktop notifications if you receive new message to your mailbox on BlackBerry? - I mean, you can see notifications from AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google IM desktop application.

    If you read new message on desktop (via browser or desktop application) does it automatically set to "read" status on BlackBerry? (wireless synchronization)

    Thanks for your help!

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    I'll bite and chime in.

    I use 6 email accounts on my 9700. 1 GMail, 2 Yahoo Hosted Business emails, and 3 Yahoo accounts.

    I do not use any notification software on my computer outside of Yahoo or Google messenger (when I am logged into either one which is rarely now on the PC). I check all emails on my BB before I ever think of looking at my PC and logging into the accounts. I find it more convienent to just use my BB to check them. I do log into at least 2 accounts at least once a week primarily to check my spam box and make sure no misdirected emails end up there and to notify yahoo of spam emails I already deleted off my phone. Most of my emails come to 3 addresses and all three are tied to the same yahoo account.

    And yes, if I read it on the computer it does automatically change it on my BB.


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    i have no data plan. only wifi. i use the free and open source app logicmail on my 8320 to check pop3 mail. its not great, and i wish i had tiggit as it is supposed to be better. i also use a client on my laptop

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