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    Using Google as a PIM - Can we get gcalendar, gcontacts, gnotes to BB


    Hi there,
    Looks as I will be leaving my company and losing all of the benefits of BES/exchange. I am trying to plan for that day and how will I get my mail, calendar, contacts, and notes (i have in outlook and BB) to sync up wirelessly.

    Obviously gmail for mail is working (i have it setup as IMAP).

    Calendar - I installed this thing from google- Google Calendar Sync - it successfully synced what was in outlook (work calendar-BES) with the google calendar on web. Now the question is: How do I get that to my BB?I see in the BB calendar, I can switch to the Gmail calendar - but I do not see those entries in there.

    Contacts - I haven't seen a way to sync these from outlook to google contacts on the web, but there is an import function where I could do a one time export from outlook and import into web. Again, how do I get those contacts to my BB?

    Tasks - I frequently use outlook tasks. I don't see anywhere that google has tasks. Thoughts on this?

    Notes - I frequently use outlook notes. I do see that google has a google notebook, but no way to import, sync that I can see.

    One more final question is: Once I am disconnected from BES, will the data from the BES calendar/contacts/notes/tasks go away with it? Will it stay on my BB and just stop syncing to BES?

    I am open to any and all suggestions on how I can maintain my data in the these 4 areas, & hopefully wirelessly sync. I am open to Yahoo PIM and Google PIM ideas as well.

    Thanks in advance.
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    There are two versions of Google's Calendar sync. One syncs the Outlook Calendar with the Google Calendar(which is the one you seem to have) and the other syncs the BlackBerry Calendar with Google's Calendar.
    If you're own your Blackberry you can use this link to get it
    Google Sync For BlackBerry

    As for notes and task, I don't know of any support for that through Google.

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