I am tired of receiving spam on my BB. I don't know why you have to have BES to get a decent built-in spam filter. I get random spam emails every so often and can't stand it. I hate spam. For example: I just created a Yahoo account and used my Gmail (yes, Gmail) account as a secondary email address when registering. A few minutes after I registered I received 2 spam mails (on my blackberry.net address). The email was from "yahoolotterypro@sify.com". Coincidence?? If not, I don't know why my blackberry.net address received this when I used my Gmail address.

I know there are plenty of posts on this topic and I've searched Google trying to find my answer but everything I do find is so vague and difficult to follow if you don't know exactly what POP and IMAP means. Basically, what I want to accomplish is forward all of my incoming blackberry.net email to my Gmail account, run it through the Gmail spam filter, then forward the legit mail back to my BlackBerry address. I've seen steps regarding this process but I am totally new to this concept, and need some clear instructions. I don't understand how to create a filter for this since I do receive a lot of email from work, friends, family etc, and don't want to whitelist every address one by one.

Can anybody help me out?

Thanks very much.