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    Question Upgrading - Automatic?


    I've seen alot of talk about upgrading OS. I know that when I bought my Pearl in Oct 07 it came with a 4.2 OS. Some of the posts have talked about issues with the new 4.3 OS. Where do you go on your BB to find out what OS you are running? Does a BB Pearl automatically upgrade itself? I connect mine online almost daily for charging purposes and make sure to power down every few days too for reloading. So can someone tell me what to do if I need to upgrade on my own and if the new OS is stable or not? Or should I just stick with what I have for now?

    Any advice greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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    Re: Upgrading - Automatic?

    If your current OS you are using is not having any problems, then there is no reason to upgrade to another version. To find the version you are running, go to options > about and that will give you the version and platform.

    As far as 4.3, it is not out yet anyways and when it is released it will be as 4.5

    I hope that helps?

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    Re: Upgrading - Automatic?

    also a nice shortcut to find out your phone model/OS version is to type 'myver' (without the ' ')into any blank text area (like email/pin/bbm msg) then press spacebar.

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