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My company recently switched to Verizon. We are swapping the Nextel 7100i for the new ... General Blackberry forum

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    Upgrading Again!!!!


    My company recently switched to Verizon. We are swapping the Nextel 7100i for the new Verizon 8703. During the update process, I received the dreaded 507 error............ again.
    Is there a sure fire way to update units without wiping the new one out? This happened when I went from the 7520 to 7100 also. Looking for a shortcut. I have a dozen more to upgrade but do not want to go through this with every one of them. Any ideas?

    PS I did download the new desktop 4.2 with the "swap devices" icon. Did not work.

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    Re: Upgrading Again!!!!

    I just made a back-up of my 7105t, using the software it came with. Installed the newer desktop manager, and loaded my backup file onto my Pearl. It worked great! I couldn't get that swap devices to work either!
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    Re: Upgrading Again!!!!

    Our typical procedure for switching devices is to turn off the wireless on the old device, back it up, connect the new device and restore from the backup file, then activate the new one. Once we're sure the data made it over ok, we wipe and reload the old unit.

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