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So I want to get rid of Blackberry Maps, but I do not see how ... General Blackberry forum

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    Uninstalling Blackberry Maps


    So I want to get rid of Blackberry Maps, but I do not see how to in Options/Advanced Options/Applications ... it isn't listed.

    I also tried through Desktop Manager, and it's not listed there either.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Uninstalling Blackberry Maps

    I just uninstalled it from mine about 3 hours ago .... i acutally just took a guess , it is a program in your applications called LBS.... you can go in and delete that , then you can do a restart after the delete is complete , and it will be gone .... if you have any problems , PIN me , or you can add me to Blackberry messenger , im on it all day everyday




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    Re: Uninstalling Blackberry Maps

    ~via BB ( was skeptical of LBS and did some searching. Apparently LBS stands for Location Based Services. Thus "lbs" is short for "map." lol

    I too, for months, have been looking for a way to remove this. The maps look like cr*p next to google maps and there is no satellite view. The only use I found for this was that if you put the country in the address of your contacts (1,100 for me) then from your contacts you could click the wheel and get a map of the location of the contact (albeit a cr*ppy map). And no there is no GPS or way to install GPS directly on the crippled Verizon 8703e.

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