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NOW it seems that I have removed my "web browser" from my BB. I did ... General Blackberry forum

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    NOW it seems that I have removed my "web browser" from my BB. I did not "hide" the application and I have searched all over my BB to try and recover it. I have been screwing around and implementing several different themes that I recently downloaded and my browser function is no longer available. Please help me resolve my retardation issues. Thanks again.

    Specifically, when i uplink my BB with my PC it says that the following applications are "Unavailable" and therefore I am unable to see the brower option on my BB and it is not a "hidden" application either. (net.rim.blackberry.xml & net.rim.platform.ecmascript) Why is this and how can I possibly retrieve or reacess these? The only adjustments I have made lately are uploading themes from my PC. In addition I have installed Plazmic along with its required apps to my PC. Did this have anything to do with this? Was trying to look up some stimulating pornography while driving and was disheartened when I realized I was unable to <kidding>. Please help my BB retardation. THANKS ALL!
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    Re: How do I get my browser back?

    Well, the standard first steps to fixing a problem like this for me is to do a full battery pull, wait 30 seconds and then re-insert it. If that doesn't work, you can also go to your BIS website and resend the service books. This also sometimes requires a battery pull afterwords to get everything working as designed.

    If neither of these ideas work, let us know!

    Good luck!
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    Re: Unable To Access Browser

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    Try resending your service books. You should be able to either call a BB service rep from your provider, or I know with tmo you can log onto your account webpage and send them yourself. I have had mine disapear a few times as well, usually after installing something new or upgrading my os. This has always fixed it for me.
    I hope this helps! Let us know if it worked for you.

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    Re: Unable To Access Browser


    This is a known problem with some of the later Pearls. There is a problem with the Desktop Manager that removes a couple of modules from the BB. You need to download and install the latest Desktop Manager and the Pearl Core Applications Software (OS) on you PC.

    Check out the revelavant links on the BB FAQ & Guides page for where to get the latest OS for your carrier/device and how to update it. The specific ones you will want are Blackberry OS Software links (by carrier) and How to: OS 4.x Upgrade for your Blackberry.

    Hope this helps
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