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Hi all, In our company we're using BES and Exchange for our email system so ... General Blackberry forum

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    Unable to see all my emails from my personal folders using BB


    Hi all,

    In our company we're using BES and Exchange for our email system so my issue is I do received emails that was sent to me on my outlook and BB 8700/8800 but the thing is since I got a lot of email stored in my outlook mailbox so I created sub-folders from my exchange mailbox to properly organize all my email (note that this are all stored in the server and not in my personal PST file). But when I try to check it in my BB all the emails that I moved are still in my primary BB mailbox though it shows in the icon on the left side of the email headers a folder icon and no longer the envelope icon which means the email was properly filed so what I did is from the email option ==> GENERAL OPTIONS I set the HIDE FILED MESSAGES to YES and save the changes. When I went back to my BB mailbox the filed messages are no longer there which is what I really want to happen so to check if email are properly filed I go to VIEW FOLDERS to view all my personal folders which the structure of the personal folders are completely in sync with my outlook however when I checked all of the folders in my BB there are some shows that "this folder is empty" but in my outlook I have a couple of emails save on that folder. The synchronization between BB and outlook works fine its just that for some unknown reason I just can't get to retrieve some emails in some of my personal folders using my BB.

    Does anyone or a BB guru here can give me an idea on what is going on I would really appreciate that and would be eternally grateful.

    IT Engineer

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    OK, one more time. BlackBerry does NOT SYNCHRONIZE - it RECONCILES.

    The BES monitors your entire Exchange Mailbox, and by default reconciles your Inbox and Sent Items. Optionally you can include any Mail folder under your Mailbox (not just under your Inbox) to be monitored for redirection. It tracks what email has arrived, and what has and has not been sent.

    There are two possible reasons why there are emails in your Outlook are not on your BlackBerry.

    First, the emails arrived before you had redirection for that folder enabled. The BES saw the email arrive into that folder, and saw the folder was not marked for redirection, so the email was not sent - and it will never be sent (unless you forward it to yourself).

    Second, a message has "aged off" the BlackBerry as defined by your "Keep messages for" setting. When an email is removed from your BlackBerry because it has past the Keep Messages For period, it is not removed from the Exchange folder. To prevent this, you'd have to Save the message on the BlackBerry in which case it will NEVER be removed until you specifically delete it.

    Note that moving an email from a folder that is NOT redirected into a folder that is will NOT make it appear on the BlackBerry. The BES has already noted the message's arrival and that it was not sent, so it will not send it after the fact.

    If you're curious as to why BlackBerry's behave this way - it's to conserve both Data transmission and Battery power. Both Good and Exchange Active Sync require always on connections to maintain synchronization, causing short battery life (some people in my office that get a LOT of email on non BB devices can't go six hours without a recharge!) and HUGE data fees when traveling abroad (we're talking several hundred dollars a week - even with an International plan!). A BlackBerry can certainly go a full day without a recharge with minimal sacrifice (turn off BlueTooth, Vibration), and costs a fraction to operate overseas.

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