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since the curve is small, you can check your messages covertly while in the mensroom stall and use a bluetooth headset to make calls using voice dial. Just make sure your company's branded phone is in plan sight like in a holster on your waist and no one will be the wiser.
In the men's room?? Why would I go in there? I'm a girl.

The Bluetooth idea is brilliant! So simple. And I do happen to have a headset made by the company... Thanks!

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Also, you can still access your calender and to do lists on the curve without having to have the simcard installed. The emails will wait until you reconnect the bb with the system to download.
I didn't know that! Thanks, something to keep in mind.

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i saw you didn't ever say the name of the company you work for umm im kinda currious as to what one you work for (also i did notice you did do it for a reson which i guess is you dont want us to know....but i gotta)
Heh, well, since this is a public forum, I'm not really comfortable revealing which company I work for. You can bet your bottom dollar that they have people trolling the internet looking for employees and contractors leaking information or badmouthing them, and even though I'm not exactly badmouthing them, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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I dont get it , why would a company not let you have your own phone, that to me is descrimamting..
Well, I sorta understand their position, even if I don't like it. I actually work in security/loss prevention there, so I'm a visible representative of the company to their employees and guests. I guess a visible representative of the company must be using one of their phones.

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Unless your contract task is to represent the company to clients or the pubic you cannot as a contractor be prevented from having a pda as long as it dos not interfer with your job.
Ay, there's the rub. (See my reply to Natox)

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I dunno if this will help, but Grandcentral may be a solution.
Thanks, I will look into that.

Thank you everyone for your helpful replies! I really appreciate it!!