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The party is over. The once reliable BlackBerry is out to pasture. Now that RIM ... General Blackberry forum

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    Two BlackBerry Outages In A Single Week...


    The party is over. The once reliable BlackBerry is out to pasture. Now that RIM has some real competition they are folding like a house of cards. Two outages in the same week? Yes, it's going to bite them hard very soon.
    There are too many other good choices that are modern smartphones, to use an old school, unreliable device, like RIM makes.

    Here's just another excuse from RIM

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    Quote Originally Posted by psi chick View Post
    seriously people it's technology. **** happens. and it will happen again. there are many more people on bb's today then there were only a few years ago. RIM aren't gods, and programers make mistakes. it happens. get over it and move on. your life didn't end because you couldn't get bbm's for a few hours.
    For one, I couldn't get data, period. Alot of users we're having this issue, and yes, you're right. My life didn't end and work kept going because I have an iPhone that hasn't given me one single issue since I got it. I use to be a big supporter of BB but this last issue because the idiots fudged something up with the code is the last straw. I haven't picked my BB up since then but once and that was to say merry Christmas to everyone. The only thing BB has over any other phone is BBM so when they lose that (in my case and many others,data itself) they are just an outdated phone trying to polish it outside while it's the same device you bought last year and the year before. So while you may not rely on you BB for business there are alot of people that do and when something of this nature happens. YES it does seem like the world ends if you don't have a backup that not a BB. I understand that technology has it's glitches and there will be some issues, this is just ridiculous and it shows how downhill RIM has gone. Because we're on pinstack usally means we are willing to play around with the device mrs so than the averange person. Think though about the average person that just uses a BB out of box,like it came. I'd be willing to bet that RIM lost alot of customers because of this and apple and google gained them. Lol Hayden, RIM make jet engines,lmao. Guess I'll be taking a boat to Europe next time. Lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregGebhardt View Post
    I remember just a couple of years ago there was no such thing as an outage. Even if there was it was maybe once a year and only an hour. Now they last over 12 hours and you get two of them in less than a week.

    I am hoping this is not going to be the norm as RIM will see their stock drop even more!

    you have to remember that BB has more then doubled there users in that time period. Lets just look at all the issues that windows users experience on a day to day basis haha

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