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    Turning off BES email?


    My blackberry that I use for work (where I have a BES server) is also my personal cell phone. Given the volume of email I receive, I was wondering if there is any way to temporarily stop the email sync. If I am on vacation for instance, I will still want to use the phone, the internet, etc; however I wont want my phone to be vibrating all day with work related emails. Is it possible to temporarily suspend/disable/turn off/etc. the email functionality only?

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    Re: Turning off BES email?

    You could delete the BES service book, which would stop emails, but you would need to do another enterprise activation when you return. Im sure many folks will have other ideas.

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    Re: Turning off BES email?

    I believe you can disable email under your mailbox then Options > Email Settings: Send Email To Handheld: No

    I just tried this on my BB and unless something is up with our corp email I did not get my test emails I sent. Try this. GL.

    Edit: I remotely connected to my office pc and I had my test email in my inbox and not on my BB. Now once you reenable this setting your emails will not automatically download to your blackberry, even if you reconcile now.
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