I was using a Treo to keep all my contacts and appointments straight. Email was not very good on it so didn't use that much. Couldn't figure out what the attraction was to Blackberrys that my friends had. So i ordered a used 8700 on EBAY, and tried to cancel it the next day when I found out my company wouldnt put me on BES and I would have to do the whole forward to my BB address thing, which seemed pointless. So I couldn't cancel the order and when i got it, fired it up and after a couple weeks, didn't know how I ever lived without it. Its an email machine like no other. Outstanding alarm clock, media player so no need for an IPOD, data vault for all those freakin logins and passwords one needs these days, and if you read these stacks long enough, you end up with a supercharged, high performance speed demon BB. Which sits well with a big F1 fan.