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ok i'm new at this so if it's posted in the wrong place or anything ... General Blackberry forum

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    trouble with bluetooth headphones


    ok i'm new at this so if it's posted in the wrong place or anything like that please don't castrate me i'm just confused and don't know what else to do. i just got a pearl. I'm new to blackberry but have fallen in love with it. i love everything about it. i haven't had any problems. but i have a motorola ht820 bluetooth headset and it works great with talking to people but i can't get anything else to work on it. i can't get music or other applications sound to go through on it. any suggestions or something i'm not seeing?

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    Re: trouble with bluetooth headphones

    well those are stereo bluetooth headsets, and the pearl doesn't support it. so you wont e able to here your media in there, sorry about that...

    well welcome to the stacks, and no one will castrate you!
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