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I can sync my Oultook calendar with my BB. How can I sync only the ... General Blackberry forum

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    Transfer only "Business" calendar items


    I can sync my Oultook calendar with my BB. How can I sync only the calendar items with category set to "Business" (in Outlook)? Is this even possible?


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    Re: Transfer only "Business" calendar items

    try going to Synch in the desktop manager
    then click the configuration tab in DM
    then configure synch button
    The intellisync startup begins

    In device configuration, highlite the calender icon
    then click the configure button at the bottom right of the window
    go to advanced settings
    It seems as though the "Filters" Tab will be your answer
    I would suggest adding the word Business as a filter
    (as long as the word business is somewhere in the calender appt)
    (or i may be backwards and you should add the word "personal" to your calender appts)

    That part i'm not sure about. I only 1st synched my BB with Outlook last week.
    Hopefully this should be enough to get you started
    BlackBerry® Certified Support Specialist

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