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    Question Trackball troubles


    I am looking for a new blackberry trackball on I found a trackball but it says the retaining clip is not needed. I am not sure whether this is needed because some people have told it me it is not and other have said it is. I am not sure what to believe because if I do not buy the trackball from that site I will have to send my blackberry to a repair place and that will cost more than just getting a trackball, and if I do buy it from their it might not stay in right because there is no retaining clip. Am I right on this assumption, and if I do buy the trackball will it be easy to install? and last question !I PROMISE! will the trackball that comes from come with everything but the retaining clip or just the ball and chrome ring?

    Thanks for just reading all of this, if you can help me PLEASE do so.

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    ~via BB ( some one else do it, have you ever seen inside one of these things. My phone cost me to much money for me to get in there and screw somthing up. Just my opion.

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    just ask
    With anything you gotta have the right tools. I would go with what big fish said that it may be more worth it to just have someone else work on it. I've done the 8800 series trackballs and know the easiest way to get the ball out is to use a metal pic to slowly pry it out you gotta find where the clips are on the chrome ring and slowly work those clips loose. Everything else just falls into place after that.

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    The retaining clip, as far as I know, is just one of the pieces that is part of the trackball. I think it is only on the 81xx models (not sure why that is), but you should have it already.

    I'm not sure if it was here or not, but I have seen some pretty detailed guides with pictures and all, search it up! I cleaned my trackball by taking it out first following a guide and didn't have any problems. Just be careful if you decide to do it yourself. I would use a plastic tool instead of metal so nothing gets scratched/bent.
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    Try and clean it before you buy another one.
    ~via BB ( have done it myself and all I have to say is be safe.Take your time and it can be done.The rollers around the trackball collect a lot of dirt and oil from your fingers.That's why it stops moving.
    Good Luck.

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    I just bought a new trackball off of eBay for less than 9 and that included shipping and insurance ordered it last Friday and got it yesterday and it works perfect if you would like for me to give you the guys information since he sells a lot of them shoot me an email at tyoung529 at yahoo dot com~via BB (

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