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    Question Trackball problem


    I am having a problem that a lot of people I know are having with the trackballs on their blackberry phones. A few months after I purchased my blackberry my trackball became a dark brown and does not roll as smoothly as before but its been about a year since I got my blackberry and now the trackball is pitch black and lets barely any light shine through it. I have googled my problem and even checked out some of the guides for doing it I found here and none have worked some have even made it worse. Is it better for me to just by an entirely new trackball or is their some miracle guide that can tell me how to fix it?

    Thanks, Daniel C.

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    Personally I'd say replace the darn thing...Its not worth your work in reviving it when it only costs 8.99. In the future I'd practise preventative maintainance in cleaning it every once in awhile using the tutorials on this website.

    Replacement part

    Also be aware that many of us in the Stacks use this website, it is very reliable and has never personally caused me any grieft. If you ask around you'll only see good things regarding this site
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