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    Tour or Storm 2


    Well I was happy for a few days, little by little I am starting to appreciate the Tour over my old Curve.
    Then I watched a video of the new Storm 2 and they say it will have WIFI!!
    I use WIFI at home for my laptop and I have WIFI at the office.
    My data plan is paid for by my company so using the data or not is not such a big question for the moment.
    Is WIFI that much faster than WAP on a Blackberry??
    Is it such a big deal that I should hold out for the Storm 2?
    I dont know if I am sold on touch screen yet. I hate finger prints, grease, etc. I keep my Tour screen covered and in a case and still wipe it off all the time. Not sure what I will do with all the finger prints on a touch screen!!
    The Storm 1 has certainly had issues. Now the storm 2 seems to take it a step further but once again with newer technology for RIM. So in the end maybe waiting 18-20 months for my Verizon contract to come due again will serve to give time for the Storm to prove itself.

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    WiFi brings any phone alive. It's like going from dial up internet to broadband. WiFi is a must have for me ever since having my first WiFi enabled phone. Once you have it you will not want to go without. Beside personal preferences it's a standard so when a phone does not have it I don't even consider it as a viable phone.

    Storm 2 if I had to choose. The phone looks great.

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    If you hate fingerprints there are screen protectors out there that help to minimize finger prints, though I don't think they totally get prevent of them.

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