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I just switched from the treo to the blackberry. i am looking for a simple ... General Blackberry forum

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    time tracker/consultant software


    I just switched from the treo to the blackberry. i am looking for a simple software package that will help me track my time (i am a consultant). all i need is: client, date, time in, time out, notes. and a weekly report that i can send to my computer (preferably via email). any suggestions?



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    TimeTracker Pro - BlackBerry
    TimeTracker Pro™ Keep precise time tracking on your mobile device & quickly calculate time spent on different projects. Sync to a password protected website ( to view, save & organize your timed tasks.
    TimeTracker Pro™ is Java Verified™ meeting the highest quality mobile Java technology standards.
    Note: TimeTracker Pro uses internet connections to synchronize information from your device. To see if your network carrier supports internet connections please see our FAQ.

    BlackBerry (RIM) devices compatible with "TimeTracker Pro - BlackBerry"
    • BlackBerry 7100g
    • BlackBerry 7100t
    • BlackBerry 7105t
    • BlackBerry 7130g
    • BlackBerry 7230
    • BlackBerry 7290
    • BlackBerry 7730
    • BlackBerry 8700c
    • BlackBerry 8700r
    • BlackBerry 8707v
    • BlackBerry 7100i
    • BlackBerry 7100v
    • BlackBerry 7130c
    • BlackBerry 7130v
    • BlackBerry 7250
    • BlackBerry 7510
    • BlackBerry 7750
    • BlackBerry 8700f
    • BlackBerry 8700v
    • BlackBerry Pearl
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