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Tilt...or Pearl Its upgrade moms is a state of ky we get the ... General Blackberry forum

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    Tilt Or Peal...


    Tilt...or Pearl
    Its upgrade moms is a state of ky we get the ole premier

    I was originally on the curve and the 8525...

    but...the new 8120 pearl is here(200) and i can get a tilt refurb for cheap(150)...i like the form of the its got the upgaded camera w/ video recording...but i like the pure power of the tilt...idk what to do......i would love to have wifi as i wouldnt use the net on my phone much...but when i do i dont wanna pay for it...but i also text alot...hmmmmm what to do?
    can i get a pros and cons of both...

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    a major con of the pearl is the small size its so bad i hardly browse on the phone and using yahoo or texting becomes a pain after awhile

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    i'd go for the tilt

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    Windows Mobile will frustrate you after a while - trust me. I've used both the BB and WM platform.

    While I like a lot of the apps that WM uses, the OS itself is just too buggy for me. There were several times when I was waiting for an important email or call and found out too late that my device just froze at some point - not allowing any incoming calls/emails to arrive.

    I now have an 8130 from Sprint, and I love it! Great device.

    It may not have all the 3rd party support of a WM device, but I don't have to worry about it not doing what it's supposed to - can anyone say Alarm Clock - WM alarm is far too buggy to even be considered useful.

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    I have used the Pearl for a little over a year now. While it is the smallest BB out there now, that shouldn't turn you away from it if you really want it (and you're already familiar with the BB OS).

    I also have used both platforms, and while both are not flawless, the BB is the better of the two.

    The Pearl 8120 now has WiFi so that's a plus. Just take the test I recommend for everyone: Go to the store and get a hands on feel for which one you think you'd feel more comfortable with.

    When I first got the Pearl last year, I didn't get the chance to do this (if I had, I would be on my 3rd 7105t right now or the 8800). I got it and wanted to send it back for a bigger keyboard. But I stuck with it and can type on my Pearl faster than I can on my PC right now.

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    I have both the pearl and the both and I have yet to find any issues with my tilt's WM OS
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    its tough...that tilt has so much power and the ability to mod is crazy...but the pearl looks so stable now...but idk..the screens are not even in the same ballpark...

    can i get a pros and cons to both devices?

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    I've owned a few pearls and a bunch of WM devices (Treos, MDAs, etc) and I would definitely recommend the pearl.

    It would be hard to list a complete Pro/Con list for both..

    I've used the Tilt only briefly, and it is better than previous WM devices. I never liked the HTC keyboards though (flat and too close together, just doesn't feel nice for a full QWERTY).

    The OS just isn't stable. It's glitchy, it crashes, and it's just.. ugh. Did I mention the lag? If it doesn't crash, it will freeze up. That's pretty much my main problem with it, the OS.

    It feels like the BB software is more open and you can "tweak" with it more. If you absolutely need wifi, the new Pearl has it.

    I recommend the Pearl 100%. No contest.

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