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Originally Posted by jeffallen8 Not to be rude or anything but what about the kind ... General Blackberry forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffallen8 View Post
    Not to be rude or anything but what about the kind folks on BIS? Or is the privacy thing more for BES?
    When camera-phones first came out, a large number of pedophiles worked out early on the benefits to having such a discreet camera (none of which made sounds at the time) and set to work - there were a number of cases where they were caught out, it got in the news and everyone started jumping up-and-down...

    There was some pretty heated discussion surrounding this topic at the time and threats of lawsuits against the manufacturers by individuals/groups/Governments, so to "protect the children" (and avoid against a lawsuit, IMHO), most major manufacturers started forcing their phones to make a noise when the camera went off.

    The "privacy issue" has nothing to do with corporate customers - in a "secure" environment, you're either allowed a camera or you're not (usually the latter)... There's no in-between.

    Quote Originally Posted by Virex View Post
    In a nutshell. RIM is prohibited from allowing the camera shutter sound from being disabled. Its a federal regulation.
    This is a BIG mis-conception, though it does have a valid background - it is NOT a legal requirement in Australia, North America OR Canada, however there has been plenty of talk in the past of making such a requirement law (this is where this rumor started)...

    It hasn't happened yet, though why not is anyone's guess.

    And now for my two cents...

    As a proud parent, I can see what they're trying to do (though as I said above, I personally suspect it is primarily in fear of a lawsuit), but the simple fact is, it just doesn't work.

    There are better-quality, stand-alone digital cameras that are smaller in size with no shutter sounds, there are camcorders that are comparable to a medium-sized phone, there are "professional" cameras that can read the time on your watch from four blocks away (literally) - if this were not enough, MOST camera-phones with shutter noices CAN be silenced one way or another (plugging the headset in is one of the most common ways to do this)!

    Unless they're going to make a blanket-law that covers ALL types of cameras, which would be virtually impossible to do for various reasons, they may as well give up and look at other solutions.

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