I've been using my 8100 Pearl as a tethered modem for the last 4 months while traveling overseas. I have the t-mobile blackberry plan with the international add-on. Everything has been working fine in at least a dozen countries so far, mostly Mediterranean Europe, Central Europe and Turkey. I am now in Egypt and I am having connection problems. I am using the Vodafone network with a full GPRS connection and all of the internet functions work on the phone, internet browser email etc. Third party apps like Jive talk, Gmail, and Worldmate also work. Opera mini doesn't work which usually has been a sign that something isn't right with the network in the past. But when I try a modem connection on my laptop it hangs at 'registering username and password'. My apn and modem connection string settings are set the same as they have been for the last 4 months to the t-mobile wap.voicestream.com. I even experimented with using the Vodafone settings for Egypt users instead buy no luck. Should I be changing my APN and connection string according to the country I am in, or leaving them to my provider's default settings? The thing is I am not sure if I ever connected via Vodafone before since most other countries had an EDGE network option so I'm not sure if its an Egypt problem or a Vodafone problem. Any ideas?