i just got off the phone with BB support for t-mobile. i was tired of the replacement 8100s that would crap out on me that they were sending me so i was patient and tried to figure out way to fix my end button that was not responding. finally i called tmobile and asked them for a different device since this was my third attempt. they said no and heres why:

2 or more exchanges in a 90 day period = multiple exchange policy where there will offer you a diferent phone

less than that they will only replace with same equipment.

what this means is that if you have about $30 you could trade in you BB and get a diferent on if you time it right. i dont know if they go up or down on the exchange but there you go.

on a side note: if anyone is willing to sell me a really REALLY cheap unlocked BB with a 3.5mm headphone jack and it is in good to excellent condition please PM me.

just an FYI