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Is this possible with an 8130 on Verizon?... General Blackberry forum

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    Sync with Windows Live Calendar


    Is this possible with an 8130 on Verizon?

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    You'll have to sign up for the MSN Premium service located at You do get two month free but it's $10.00/mo. I had MSN for free back when I had Verizon DSL service about four years ago and I've still been able to keep the functionality even though it's been cancelled for years. I have read that some people still keep the sync functionality even if they cancel the service. YMMV. This post is not intended to defraud MSN/Hotmail. If you use Live mail / Hotmail, you should pay for the service. Windows Live Hotmail Plus runs $20/yr and is supposed to work as well.

    As a side note, GMAIL offers these services for free. You can download the Google Sync program on your handheld by visiting

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