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    switching device help


    This may be a bit confusing as its confusing me to think through; so bear with me. My wife had an 8310 and I upgraded her (2 months ago) to a 9700. With that switch I used the switch device wizard. Since then, our computer broke that had the saved info from her 8310 so no backups to restore. Earlier this week she broke the 9700. Yes, we are good with tech stuff.

    I got her back connected to her 8310 since her 9700 isn't working. We recieved the insurance replacement 9700 today and I am debating how to get it back going. Does it make sense to just pull the sim card and have her re-enter all of her contacts, etc. into the 9700 or should I do a switch device?

    HOpe this makes snese and I appreciate the help.

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    Switch device is much easier, and you have done it before and know how it works. Unless you had a negative result from using that method last time I see no reason to not do it again.
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    Additionally, Switch Device will move everything - Settings, Calendar, Messages, Tasks, etc. whereas simply using the SIM will move only contacts and (depending on the settings on her 8310) SMS messages. Also, if you don't like the Switch Device, a simple Backup/Restore will do the trick, too.

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