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Found this article, hope it's useful. Some helpful comments were left at this article's site ... General Blackberry forum

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    Thumbs up Surprise! Tethering laptop to BlackBerry works abroad!


    Found this article, hope it's useful. Some helpful comments were left at this article's site also. Enjoy .
    April 16, 2008 - 6:34 A.M.

    Before flying here last week, I considered a wide variety of options for constant data connectivity and cell phone access. Buy a Greek phone and use a Greek carrier? Live in a cyber café and use VoIP? Satellite phone? Much to my surprise, it turns out that my BlackBerry Pearl and AT&T work just fine, thank you.

    On my second major foray into the "extreme telecommuting," nomadic lifestyle, I find myself living in -- and working from -- Greece. I've been here in Athens for a week, and I've learned three valuable rules: 1) never stop looking for a better connection; 2) never give up on your U.S. carrier; and 3) never leave your Kindle behind. I'll deal with each of these in a three-part series............

    -Mike Elgan

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    Yep, works all over the world

    I've been traveling for the last 8 months using my 8100 as a tethered modem and I can confirm it works in all but 4 of the 30 countries I've visited. I have the T-mobile data plan for $29.99 with international roaming for $19.99. No voice plan, for that I use local SIMs (the phone is unlocked) So for $50 a month, I've been able to surf pretty much wherever I go.

    Here's a list of where it's worked: (*means didn't work)
    Albania,Austria,Bosnia&Herzegovina,Botswana*,Brazi l,Croatia,Egypt,
    France,Greece,Hungary,Israel,Italy,JordanLesotho*, Macedonia,Monaco,
    Montenegro,Morocco,Mozambique,Palestine,Paraguay,P ortugal,Slovenia,
    SouthAfrica,Spain,Syria,Turkey,Uruguay,Zambia*,Zim babwe*

    Me and my blackerry's travel blog is here:

    There's a geeky feature in the sidebar that BB users may enjoy called "What we see right now" Click it and I get an email, If I can, I take a pic with my BB and send it to Flickr and a little bit of Ajax updates the pic while you wait.

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