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We've all had that "sick feeling" when a cell phone (200 phone book entries), camera ... General Blackberry forum

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    Stuffbak & Get Your Stuff Back


    We've all had that "sick feeling" when a cell phone (200 phone book entries), camera (priceless images), laptop (personal or corporate confidential information) or key ring (with a $200 car remote fob or USB drive with irreplaceable documents on it attached) is GONE... the panic ensues and the scramble begins. If you're lucky, you'll get it back (about 5% of the time). If you're smart, you'll protect your valuables with StuffBak Loss Protection & Recovery Service and raise the recovery odds to over 75%!

    Here's how it works:
    Purchase the appropriate high tech serialized and virtually indestructible label (approx. $5) or economical value pack of labels to protect your assortment of portable assets (keys, camera, PDA, laptops, cell phone, backpack, luggage, etc) Attach the labels to your items and register it online and it is covered forever! The initial purchase of the label is the only thing you ever have to pay, unless your item should become lost. Relax! Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing you've linked your items to the largest int'l recovery service.

    Finders contact StuffBak via phone or the web. Owners are contacted immediately, and StuffBak facilitates the return of the item. The finder is thanked with a $20 reward (+ an extra reward if you want). You pay a recovery fee of $14.95 + S&H. The recovery fee that you pay, plus the $5 you already paid for the label, goes to $20 reward. What you have paid has just paid for itself and you have your stuff back!

    You can purchase StuffBak tags directly through By entering the promo code: “Luke” at checkout, you will get my 10% discount off your purchase. Once you have done this, you will see my name and the discount appear in red. If your purchase totals $30.00 or more, you pay no shipping. Because you live in CA, you pay no sales tax. For a limited time, all labels qualify for 2 years of free returns (no $14 fee). You have nothing to loose but worry. See for yourself, check out stuffbak today!

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    Re: Stuffbak & Get Your Stuff Back

    That is a sweet idea!!!!!!

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    Re: Stuffbak & Get Your Stuff Back

    They have been around for a while LOL I have seriously considered ordering from them.

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