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okay fellow stackers..i need your are coming out with the bold while verizon are ... General Blackberry forum

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    storm or bold??


    okay fellow stackers..i need your are coming out with the bold while verizon are coming out with the storm...this is a big decision..hmmmm...which one will you pick??? they like them both very much and price wise are not very far off considering with a 2 year contract....well???
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    It's personal preference more than anything. Personally I'm not a fan of the touch screen I like an actual keyboard, so I'd be more interested in the Bold. The Storm seems to be geared more in the direction as a competitor to the iphone perhaps. I haven't had a chance to use either yet and am speaking mostly from the ads I've seen and what I've read. Try them both out for yourself and let us know what you decide.

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    Well I think RIM did an excellent job selling these 2 devices. 2 great 3G devices to the two companies with the best coverage and same priced rate plans. So it could only be prefference. I think the Bold looks great, I would love to have a touchdcreen blackberry though. Decision decisions. Well I work for AT&T and get free service with them, so more than likely I'd want the Bold.

    Only problem is they're not selling it to employees for right now, which is really pissing me off b/c i can get 60% off retail price of Bold
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