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Hi all, Just want to let everyone know that there is a SmrtGuard-Free version. What ... General Blackberry forum

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    SmrtGuard-Free for BlackBerry


    Hi all,

    Just want to let everyone know that there is a SmrtGuard-Free version. What do you get for FREE:
    • Find my BlackBerry
    • Remote Data Wipe
    • Remote Listen (Remote Call Fwd) – Yes, you can remote call fwd your BlackBerry to another number in case you left it at home!
    • Add a Loved-one as a tracker (have your loved one get SmrtGuard, and add yourself so you can track each other) ->Valentine’s Day gift of trust
    • Personal Guardian and SIMCard Guardian (find out more)

    Visit from your BB Browser to download and sign up!

    Let us know what you think.

    The SmrtGuard Team

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    I Tried it but all that Remote stuff you are talking about DO NOT WORK , on my Bold 9700 . IT keeps telling me that my BlackBerry Email is Not set up , But it is . Anyway it did copy my contacts and the rest of the stuff on my phone . but Remote Listen , Remote Data Wipe and Find my BlackBerry Did NOT work . so if You have a Solution on How to make it Know that i have a address you let me KNOW . Oh and by the way i also DID what it said to go into the Switch/Edit Device setting one SMART GUARD and i did EVERYTHING it said and it Still Did Not Recognize that my Device HAS a email address .

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    Well, let me tell you about this SmartGuard is absolutely fantastic! I just d/l'ed it, worked with it and albeit, though I'm still trying to figure things out, each and every little thing works on it (hopefully the "loved one tracker" will begin to work - probably my bad for doing something wrong). I'm using a BB Curve 8900 and it's sick! I'm so excited by this program, I haven't used it yet (just set it up), but can almost guarantee you 100% that when it comes time for renewal, I'll be there.

    Thanks "SmrtGuard" Team - this app is out of this world!

    ** I did have difficulties at the beginning setting up and getting SmrtGuard to recognize my BB e-mail, but I just kept retrying and eventually it kicked in. Maybe the system was just slow, but honest, stick with it and it will work. Promise!**

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