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Is there any way to send an email without using the track wheel? I'd think ... General Blackberry forum

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    Sending an email without using the track wheel


    Is there any way to send an email without using the track wheel? I'd think you could do it with some key stroke combination.

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    Re: Sending an email without using the track wheel

    stags, Welcome to PinStack.

    Nope, Not possible, and believe me many people have tried to find it. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with your BB.

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    Re: Sending an email without using the track wheel

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    I don't know about the suretype devices, but on qwerty devices, you can do everything except the final "send".
    Hit M to get to your messages, then C to create. Start typing the name of the recipient, enter to select, then enter after typing the subject. Only requires one click to bring up the menu, then enter to send. That's the only way to do it. You have to use the trackwheel at least once.

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    Re: Sending an email without using the track wheel

    Sitting in my office, working on a Saturday, hoping for a delivery of another 8700C i ordered through IT yesterday, but it looks like I will have to wait until Monday as the delivery confirmation I just receieved told me as much.This will be the second 8700C i've gone through, but I like the unit so much, I just can't seem to break away from it and get another model (like the 8800 or others). I use this for my business and personal, sending and receiving about 200 emails and almost as many text messages throughout any given day. I work as a catastrophe manager and am on the road travelling a great deal.The weak link is the trackwheel. As with my previous 8700C, this one's trackwheel broke and went belly up yesterday. It will still scroll but the detent capability isn't working, therefore, I cant do higher level functions like change options or send an email or text. I read other threads of the send feature and it still doesnt look like that is possible, once the trackwheel breaks. I keep thinking I should go to another type of unit and forget about the trackwheel but perhaps anyone who has one of these units knows the anxiety I have in doing that, because frankly, the trackwheel is habit forming and it is a level of comfort and familiarity that I may find hard to do without. I really dont care about watching videos, having a gps built into my phone, or having a camera. Mine is a powerhouse, loaded with other over air applications, plenty of my personal pics, lots of custom songs I use as various ringtones, and more custom themes than I will ever need (got all of these by reading threads right her on pinstack).I must admit, since the wheel went out yesterday, I have already become a more dedicated user of the shorcut keys. I thik that might be the answer; when I get my new (most likely refurbished) unit on Monday, I will probably lay off the track wheel and use the face keys to get around, and then use the push in feature of the trackwheel when absolutely necessary.

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