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    Question Save files to media card?


    I have a 8310 with a 4 GB media card. Is there a way to save an attachment that I receive in email to the media card? The only path/option I get when I try to save an attachment is to the device memory.
    I can attach files that are already on the media card for email sending but I cannot save attachments that I get to the media card. It wants to save everything to the device folder.

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    Use your menu key to browse. I know it works in the browser at least, I can't remember for email attachments

    browse > Media Card > BlackBerry > select folder on media card
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    Hi acoldstarnolds!

    Could you please provide a little more info on your 8310?

    BIS or BES?

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    Depends on what the attachement is, pictures will show like
    [10 Attachments]
    you press your menu or trackball and get attachment, then when you look at it, you can save it and it will ask where you want to save it to, change that to your memory card.

    PDF files are the same, and i believe zip files

    make sure your mass storage mode support is on, on your media card options
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