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    Roaming Rates in the USA (overseas subscriber)


    I subscribe to Maxis Blackberry (Malaysia) and will be traveling back o the USA for a week. Cannot seem to find the roaming rates on the US networks for "foreign" visitors.. According to PinStack, looks like Maxis' 3G roaming partner is ATT. In Asia we have the Bridge Alliance for international roaming, but it does not extend outside of Asia. Thanks for your advice... AP in BKK.

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    ~via BB ( if your phone is unlocked you can always get a prepaid att card at any small convience store (walgreens, rite-aid, 7eleven)

    Welcome back to the states.

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    If you want to know what your roaming rates will be, you have to check with your own carrier (Maxis). Your carrier in Malaysia should have a roaming tariff sheet for every carrier it has an agreement with in the world. It should be on their site, if not call them and you can ask them how much it costs to roam in the US.
    Roaming rates are different for everyone because it depends on the contract your carrier has with the roaming carrier. So at&t will not be able to tell how how much it cost for you to roam on their network, you have to ask your carrier in Malaysia.
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