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    Question Roaming BB account


    Hi All,

    Quick question,

    We have a spare BB kicking around in the office and my boss's want it setup as a roaming BB, so if one guy is out one day they can take it, then someone else next week etc.

    My concern is how much configuration this is going to need, we are using BB enterprise

    anyone any ideas?



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    Re: Roaming BB account

    Roaming as in a DATA only roaming BB? With BES you can setup one emails account ex. and when someone travels out side the US (within the US wouldn't make much dif') they can forward their desktop email to the roaming account. However, if everyone own BlackBerry it may be easier to setup raoming per BlackBerry.

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    Re: Roaming BB account

    I think Adam means a having a BB for temporary checkout. I'm not sure how difficult the administration of this would be. I can see it taking a lot of time and effort for the IT team each time it is issued and then again when it is returned. You would have to do an account creation and an Enterprise Activation for each issuance, then at minimum a Security Wipe and account deletion on return.

    Just my thoughts
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