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hi i always need my curve on vib and ring. Whenever i have a ringer ... General Blackberry forum

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    ringer help makes me miss calls!


    hi i always need my curve on vib and ring. Whenever i have a ringer selected from my mp3 media card as my ringtone it vibrates 3 times first and then the ringer turns on for a few seconds and i always miss my call!!!!!! how come as soon as the call is coming through the phone doesnt start ringing right away at the same time as the vibration. I find this very annoying because i miss 60% of my phone calls.

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    a complaint from many...there is a 3rd party app that will do this for you. it's about 7 bucks i think.
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    I don't see it as such a problem. I actually like the vib then ring feature the BB has. Especially handy at work, I have it set to vibe once then do a tone, this way I know its just a e-mail/text/message (tone specific for each). But if I get a call it vibes twice so I know its a call and can hit the mute button during work in my pocket. Plus my custom ringers are loud enough to hear if I some how didn't feel the vibes.
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