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This year was a very exciting time at CES 2010 The last few I've attended, ... General Blackberry forum

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    RIM's Very Noticeable Silence & Absence...


    This year was a very exciting time at CES 2010

    The last few I've attended, paled in comparison to this years event. All kinds of phones, and plenty of buzz were present on the floor of the convention this year. You had to be there to truly get the feel of it.

    As I think back over the weeks festivities it occurred to me from my hotel here in Vegas, that there was a distinct lack of excitement on the BlackBerry front. Hmmm.

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    I noticed that too. However, the following 3 conferences are still planned.The only thing is that all 3 occur after I'm eligible to upgrade (March 6, 2010) but I may wait and see what's coming out from these 3 (HOPEFULLY the new 9100) before I plunk down money

    WES (,
    CTIA Wireless ( and
    Mobile World Congress (
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    I noticed that also. There must be a reason. Anyone have any good ideas?

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    What are they gonna do? Talk about the release of boring 5.0?

    They have nothing new to offer so silence is appropriate.

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    They are waiting silently, watching and waiting in the wings to release something big. At least we can only hope so. They need something big if they wish to maintain or increase their standing in the smartphone world.

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    Stick a fork in em, Rim is done

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    You are right, this CES is so much larger than last year in terms of booths and especially attendees. To the point where the show floors are always packed. It been great! We will post up some smartphone highlights from around the web. On thing noticeable for me... the # of Nexus one owers in such a short space of time!

    Nope, not much hot news from RIM at this CES however the year is young and we still have a few shows to go. Some pics of their booth here:

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    I don't think that RIM is 'done" considering Blackberry smartphones are still the top selling smartphones in America. I believe that RIM is waiting and watching what the consumer will think of the Nexus. The Google phone is still too new to get a real feel of what people like and dislike about the phone. Time will tell my always does.

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    Yeah, RIM is gonna fold like a house of cards.

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    blackberry messed up with the 9700 in my opinoin

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    I just don't think they have anything right now worth talking about. They will be back this year in some kind of fashion. We can only hope that they get it right this year and make something that can pull Google and apple owners away from their devices. Right now they don't have a anything that can compete in the consumer market. They still have the business end wrapped up tight but Google is coming and coming fast. If you look at the market apple doesn't and haven't been concerned with RIM for a good while now, they are however getting plenty of competition from Google. This is not bad news as this will keep things moving forward at a rapid pace and that turns into new and great devices for all of us. RIM just hasn't figured out how to incorporate there fantastic business modles with what the general public want. They will though. RIM finished. Not by a long shot.
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