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Hope this is the right place for this... I now work in a medium sized ... General Blackberry forum

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    RIM version of Tigertext for HIPAA compliance


    Hope this is the right place for this...

    I now work in a medium sized hospital, and we are dealing with the issue that doctors are texting patient info which is a violation of HIPAA. So to allow Doctors and others to text PHI, our department is looking at getting a large expensive BYOD system like Entropoid, but the cost is high. I have been looking around at a way to solve the main issue of texting for HIPAA.

    I found Tigertext, which is HIPAA compliant texting app, that automatically deletes text messages after a period of time, as well as being on it's own network. Kind of like BB, but it can work across platform which BB can't.

    I looked on thier website, and some big hospitals are using them. Has anyone any experience with Tigertext?

    It looks like they have a BB version of the app, but which OS will it work on?

    Any others?
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    I'm sorry I've no experience in tigertext, however hopefully somebody will and will post here.
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