Mike Lazardis, CEO of Research in Motion Ltd., maker of the ubiquitous executive accessory, the RIM BlackBerry, has a vision for his wireless email devices that includes new and neccessary functions -- but not every new feature under the sun.

During a discussion with Gartner, Inc. vice presidents Phil Redman and Ken Dulaney at the Wireless & Mobile Summit 2005, the CEO of the Waterloo, Ontario wireless company declared that users were ready to step beyond wireless email to more sophisticated uses of their cherished BlackBerry handhelds.

"We're not trying to replace the laptop or desktop," Lazardis said. "Our goal is to extend the paradigm. To make sure what we build augments for what's already in place."

That is a somewhat different approach than many other hand held device manufacturers have taken. Smart phones are appearing with cameras, keyboards, the ability to display video and even gaming features. The devices are taking an all-in-one approach that often appeals more to consumers than to corporate IT departments that need to manage security risks with such devices.

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