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    My Review of 4.5 OS Beta (Video Samples)


    If you run across this Beta do not download it. Yes the features are tempting, but it's best to wait. There are a lot of bugs still and it's not worth voiding your warranty

    Beta Version
    Phone: 8310 Curve

    I wrote this a few weeks ago, however, I just joined on here so I though I'd post it.

    A few key features I noticed right away (which I knew existed in the update) are the Video Camera feature and Voice Note feature.
    Voice Note can be found in your Media Folder and the Video Camera is found on the main display.

    Video Camera
    Grades (Based on a 1-10 scale)
    Ease of Use - 10 (Simply scroll to Video Camera and click on it the next option is to click once more and begin recording)
    Options - 8 Hit the options key and you are given the ability to turn the Video Light On/Off/Automatic while recording. Also change color effects (Normal/Black & White/Sepia). And videos can be recorded in 240 x 180 and 176 x 144 (recommended if sending through MMS) sizes.
    Thew videos can also be accessed by hitting Options > View Videos
    Quality - 9 (One of the most powerful Cameras I have seen on a phone).

    The videos record in 3GP format.
    Here are three sample videos I have just recorded.
    The first two were recorded with house lights on and no light enabled on the phone. The third with lights off and a light enabled on the phone. I hosted them as .3gp so you can view the direct quality of the video rather than a converted version.

    [View Quality Of Video]

    [View Sound Of Video]

    [View The Flash Light Power In Dark]

    My favorite new feature is the Video Camera. A close second, however, is the ability to stream you tube videos.
    My favorite site (besides this one :P) is now compatible with my favorite gadget. It's fairly easy to stream. Search A Video > Click To Select The Video > Click "Watch This Video" link and the video will stream to your phone's (not in browser) video player.
    Downside: Only in the BB Browser not capable in Opera (So Far)
    The scrolling is also a lot easier. Your "mouse arrow" moved with ease. There is no lag to it either.
    To date I have had my internet Browser freeze twice while viewing Maybe it's a slight bug that will be fixed in the official release.
    The Browser works a lot faster.

    The messaging system has also received a few new additions (which I have yet to see the point off).
    Some messages are received with a ! next to the message folder by the recipients name. This was back on and it has now been removed in the Beta.
    The layout of the conversations is also different and has been tweaked some.

    The Camera has received an added feature "Geotagging."
    Geographical tag. When you turn the feature on it tells u that it adds GPS coordinates to the picture u just took.

    Other Added Features
    This is copied and pasted from another website.
    "Some of the new features are handheld-only; some require server upgrades. If you're on BlackBerry Enterprise Server, your IT department will need to upgrade; if you're on BlackBerry Internet Service, you'll need to wait a few months for your carrier to upgrade. I've marked server features with an (S), and handheld features with an (H) to show what you'll be able to do immediately."
    • BlackBerry Maps with Points of Interest (H)
    • Improved media player with playlist support and automatic playlist generation (H)
    • Voice note recording (H)
    • Video recording on Curve models (H)
    • Streaming support for YouTube and Sling Player (H)
    • Microsoft Office document editing with DocumentsToGo (H)
    • Native format attachment downloading (S)
    • HTML e-mails (S)
    • Over-the-air device upgrades (S)
    • Free/busy calendar lookup (S)
    • Searching the server for old e-mail messages (S)

    I personally love the new features. I was a Black Berry addict before and I am now a Black Berry fanatic. Thank you RIM for listening to your consumers. The new features are amazing!
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    Kool post
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    Thats all good. The only thing I'm really worried about is the ability to send and recieve MMS messages on Alltel. Whats it look like?

    And when is this finally going to be released?! This is getting old.

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    I don't have all tell but I know you can receive html emails and they looked fine to me.
    Not sure about release datye either. Hoping sometime withing the next few months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTWrath View Post
    I don't have all tell but I know you can receive html emails and they looked fine to me.
    Not sure about release datye either. Hoping sometime withing the next few months.
    THis feature is said to be supported with BES only, or at least as far as i remeber on it was only BES.
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    ask me.
    html emails do not work on my 8800 using os :S
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    you what know sux is that i am with verizon and all these 4.5 betas are only cdma and are completely useless to me to even attempt to try. grrr
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    .18 works ok on my device. Only 2 bugs in my device are those hidden icons on home screen that won't stay hidden everytime I reboot 8310. Also there are some weird ! next to some of messgaes but it DOESNT affect the mails or others programs. Even AIM program from AOL works, not those 3rd party like Ramble, Jivetalk, or Yak-On, it use SMS. I have unlimited text and data. Don't suggest beta to anyone who really depend on BB as their lifeline. It will just do fine for someone who just use it for personal use just same with me. Browser is faster than old version. ALSO it varies on each device, some of those get much problems than others did. Only 2 bugs I get from beta are unhidden icons and weird letters next to message list. Big deal. Guess I am one of lucky guy? I am enjoying my beta especially video recorder. BTW, I stopped by ATT yesterday to ask them if anyone have any idea when the officially version will be out. They have no idea when it will be release, but my estimate possibly in July when The Bold come out. Their looks like they don't really know when. via BB (

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    Thank you so much! And welcome also!

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    There is a huge thread entitled "4.5 discussion thread" where this should be posted. Tgood write up, but its already been done.

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    It's a "review" have you ever seen more than one review posted on a product? A movie?
    The more reviews people post the more information and different perspectives you will have on a product and the easier it is to reach a decision.

    Thanks everyone for your replies. The "!" is gone on just so you know.

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