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<p> Originally Posted by Emmc Dial *67 and the number. It will block the call.</p> ... General Blackberry forum

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    ask me


    Quote Originally Posted by Emmc View Post
    Dial *67 and the number. It will block the call.</p>
    <p><font size="1"><i>~via smartphone</i></font>
    <p>From what I know doesn't work if you phone have the option to set this up, to block your caller ID using steps above</p>
    <p><font size="1"><i>~via smartphone</i></font></p>
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    *67 does work on T-Mobile. I use it when I want to clock a single call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by javatyger View Post
    You can also do it in your BlackBerry Phone app settings. Go to the phone, then options - General Settings - then change the "Restrict my Identity" setting to Always. Then change it back after your done.
    But as you can see, *67 is the easist.
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    I don't know about you but I don't answer blocked, unknown
    or private numbers. I don't answer unfamiliar ones.
    Most everyone I know does exactly the same. But to make your
    number look like someone else's is much more advantageous
    and fun than just blocking it.
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    123spoof is a free the name implies, you can spoof the callee by inputing the number you want the callee to like a charm...down side is calls are limited to 2 minutes...
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