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    Restoring items locked by BES connection


    I do end user support for well over 3,000 corporate BlackBerry users in our region (over 5,000 nationally) connected to our company's BES servers.

    Recently a user's Enterprise Activation kept failing, forcing me to have their old BES account to be deleted, and a new one created on another BES server. As a result, some settings, including the extensive list of Auto Text entries the user had created, were lost. This is because the items are automatically backed up on the BES server, and are automatically restored upon performing an Enterprise Activation.

    I had several backups of the user's device, but when I went into the Advanced Backup/Restore options, the Auto Text and Auto Text Data Version items were greyed out and could not be restored.

    I managed to find out that by simply deleting the Desktop[Sync] Service Book, these - or any items in the Backup file could be restored to the device. Once done, you simply need to restore the service book by either connecting to Desktop Manager (set up to connect to both the email system and BES), or have the BES Administrator resend the BES Service Books.

    I've posted a Blog entry here detailing the steps for accomplishing this.

    Hope this helps other techs out in the trenches!

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    Great post. I just recently discovered this about two weeks ago as well. I never thought to post it here, although I should have. Great information for BES Admins everywhere.

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