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Originally Posted by RayZ I used the Device Switch wizard in DM and it worked ... General Blackberry forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayZ View Post
    I used the Device Switch wizard in DM and it worked like a problems at all. I went from the 8120 to the 8900. You are going to love the 8900, it's awesome! The BB messenger 5.0 is really cool.

    Me toon went from my 8120 to my 8900 seamlessly. Some games needed different files, but I love my 8900

    ~via smartphone

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    the 8900 is a sweet phone unless you ever type anything with the charger plugged in. honestly i would recommend waiting for one of the many upcoming devices i am trying the 8520 but can't say anything for the use as i think my test model is junk because the touch pad is practicaly non-functional but i would def take it over having to void my warranty taking apart the whole device to replace the trackball as it does still get dirty. so i downgrade the camera a LOT vs my 8900 but its a blackberry not an n97 or experia so 2mp suxs but oh well....

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