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Hello all, I just got my first BlackBerry less than a month ago and I ... General Blackberry forum

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    Replacement phones


    Hello all, I just got my first BlackBerry less than a month ago and I come on this site often but have only posted once.. this is kind of an out there question but I was just curious how many of you have found yourselves in a position where you needed your fone replaced? I mean it's a pretty expensive phone so I would think most carriers would try to convice you to keep it or replace a part or something. Just reading through the threads I've come across so many different issues I was just wondering through your experiences what has warranted a replacement and what carrier you had/ believe is most accomodating.



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    fran, blackberry actually offers a one year warranty on all blackberry devices, so some are hardware issues, returned on the warranty. tmo offers insurance on their smartphones, so you could get a warranty replacement from tmo/insurance for sooo many different issues.

    i personally have never had to replace a bb .. ever. if i had software issues, i could always fix them by coming here. and i take such good care of my bb's that i have never had hardware issues...

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    I've had to do a warranty swap with my 8320 through t-mobile's insurance company. Very quick and painless. They mail out refurbished phones, but to be honest, this refurbished phone lasted longer then the one I purchased new. Do you need to replace your phone already?

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    I have T-Mobile and I had to get my phone replaced because everytime I hit the end button the speaker phone would come on it was very quick and painless had my new phone in about 2 days.

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