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    Removing Enterprise "lock" on BB Device?


    /I have an unlocked BB Bold with tmobile.
    I cannot set up my personal email because it does not give me that option - all it says is that enterprise email is configured...
    I also dont have browser.. but my EDGE is in caps.
    Any thoughts...?
    I dont even have an enterprise button on my home screen...

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    Have you tried wiping it? It may have some IT policy on it
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    I'm just asking because I've seen this before. Do you have a data plan? Without a data plan you won't be able to have personal email. Just thought I'd ask
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    I'm guessing the device was used when you purchased it as it sounds like you have one that used to be on BES. I would start by checking for an IT policy, removing it if necessary, and wiping the device. Programs like BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss-Army Knife) work great for removing the policy and wiping the device clean.
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    Actually it seems that the problem may be simpler than an IT Policy. T-Mobile does not have the service books available over the network for a Bold. The instructions I found online concerning unlocking a bold involve removing the browser, adding Generic T-Mobile service books and reinstalling the browser to get everything working the way it should. The information needed is the same as for setting a Storm up on T-Mobile and requires the same tools. I will hunt the info down and link it.

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