Requesting BlackBerry users and experts both to test the tool and provide me with thier valuable feedback, so that we can improve upon the tool and also the help-desk.

MobiBizVNC Remote Control for BlackBerries

The MobiBizVNC is a revolutionary tool, it enables any Helpdesk operator to remotely connect to a BlackBerry device from any internet connected PC.

BlackBerry users seeking help require immediate hassle-free resolution, instead due to technical shortcomings the person seeking help is faced with the frustrating task of explaining the exact situation to the specialist. Making the user follow the exact troubleshooting steps also poses a challenge. This results in a devastating customer experience and also a colossal waste of time.

With MobiBizVNC Helpdesk all that is now easy, a few steps and the BlackBerry Specialist now has full control of the user’s device and the user can now sit back and relax while his issue is resolved. Please check out the tool at

Blackberry Helpdesk at MobiBiz

One of the principal challenges a corporate BlackBerry program poses is providing internal support for the Blackberry users in a timely and cost effective manner. Whether it is dealing with the BES License for each Blackberry user, managing the IT policies, managing the accounts, managing the cost of a Blackberry program, or troubleshooting the corporate BlackBerries day to day each of these and your corporate Blackberry program itself can be a challenge. If you have any question about a BlackBerry device, BES server, Mobile E-Mail or any productivity application, ask team MobiBiz.

Our global helpdesk specialists will be happy to resolve and assist you in any of your BlackBerry challenges. We require no contracts or subscriptions. Just call us when you need help. Helpdesk Coverage when you need it.

MobiBizVNC Self – Help Database:-

MobiBizVNC also offers a self-help database with articles to resolve all basic and complicated BlackBerry issues, so any helpdesk operator can assist the user effectively. With widely covered topics from Device issues, to BES issues, to Email issues... we handle it all. BlackBerries and Apples will remain as easy as fruits for MobiBiz users.