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Good Morning all, I recently had to wipe my blackberry and then reinstall my OS ... General Blackberry forum

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    Reloaded OS changed my password!


    Good Morning all,

    I recently had to wipe my blackberry and then reinstall my OS and all applications - no big deal. (and so by the way, thanks to everyone on Pinstack for walking the technologically-challenged through it!) Everything works fine except that I cannot access my Password Keeper! When I try to access the application, I get the message "A password entry created on 8/23/2007 is protected by an old password. Please enter the old password to convert the entry:" ...Well when I first got the phone last summer, I don't remember there being an original password, so I have no idea how to unlock my password keeper! Any ideas? Was there a default password that I am not remembering?

    I may not be able to respond until after work, but any ideas on what to do or who to contact (or confirmation that I am screwed) would be wonderful.


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    Did you try entering the same password you were using before you reloaded your OS?

    When I did my OS upgrade, it asked me the same question. I just entered the same password I was using before the upgrade and that worked.

    I think during the upgrade it changes it and when it asks for your "old" one it's just asking for the one you used before the OS upgrade.~via BB (

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    Yes, its asking you for the password you're currently using. It did the same thing to me. No worries!
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